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Bitcoin is a digital currency which was introduced in the year 2009. Currently, it is exchanged online and has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years and has become more mainstream says Crypto Capital. It is expected to hit a high of $60000 as per reports published in in the future.
The popularity of bitcoin is also because it is decentralized and is not under the control of any government or financial institutions and hence has minimal transaction fee and quick way of business when compared to the traditional mode of payments. Moreover, it is an accepted mode of payment by many retailers online such as Amazon, Expedia, etc. Investment in Bitcoins can be done by anyone and can be bought at Bitcoin exchanges, and you can easily convert it into fiat currencies or vice versa.

Benefits of Bitcoin:

Can be used as a mode of payment for many transactions:
The bitcoins were initially used only for routine financial operations, and the users were charged a very minimal transaction fee when compared to other payment modes. But these days Bitcoins have gained popularity, and it is used for many transactions like digital trading, insurance claims, customer rewards, etc. This is because users have started to understand the benefits of crypto currencies and the market has also matured.

More gains than losses: BTC is one currency where you can expect to make more profits than loss. If Bitcoin becomes a global currency as expected by analysts, then it can stimulate the trade all over the world, and that would mean that the value of BTC would also get a significant boost. So even if you invest $1 in BTC, it would hypothetically be worth $20000. That can happen if and only if it becomes a legal tender nationally and internationally. All this is just conjecture at this point, but you can expect the rewards of investing in Bitcoin to be high, though investment is risky.

Better interest on investment: Bitcoin is nothing but commodity money, and thus you will have to invest in the same way as you would with fiat money. That also essentially means that you will be earning interest on the Bitcoin investment you have made like the fiat currency. So, in essence, it means that you can invest in Bitcoin and earn interest as well followed by a good return in the long run.

User obscurity: Bitcoin transaction can be made without having to disclose your identity, so all the operations that a person does are discrete. It is more like a cash transaction where it cannot be traced back to the person who has done business. No bitcoin purchase is associated with an identity and all the addresses Bitcoin generates are also anonymous and hence cannot be tracked.
Since there’s no identification, there is no tracking of the transactions by any other party, and hence the user payments cannot be intercepted when it is done through Bitcoins. The most significant advantage of a Bitcoin is that there are no taxes added to any of the purchases.

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